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Most branches of modern science were founded by believers in creation. The list of creationist scientists is impressive. A sample: Physics: Newton, Faraday, Maxwell, Kelvin. Chemistry: Boyle, Dalton, Ramsay. Biology: Ray, Linnaeus, Mendel, Pasteur, Virchow, Agassiz. Geology: Steno, Woodward, Brewster, Buckland, Cuvier. Astronomy: Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Herschel, Maunder. Mathematics: Pascal, Leibnitz.

Even today, many scientists reject particles-to-people evolution (i.e. everything made itself). The staff scientists working at the Creation Science Foundation have published many scientific papers in their own fields. Dr Russell Humphreys, a nuclear physicist working with Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has over 20 articles in physics journals, while Dr John Baumgardner's catastrophic plate tectonics theory was published in Nature. Dr Edward Boudreaux of the University of New Orleans has published 26 articles and four books in physical chemistry. Dr Maciej Giertych, Head of the Department of Genetics at the Institute of Dendrology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, has published 90 papers in scientific journals. Dr Aw Swee-Eng was Associate Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Singapore, and is now Head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Director of Clinical Research at Singapore General Hospital. So an oft-repeated charge that no real scientist rejects evolution is completely without foundation.
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The best argument that there is a GOD - and it often moved me deeply - is this one that he proves from generation of species: a cow always bears a cow, a horse a horse, etc. No goldfinch produces a siskin. Therefore it is necessary to conclude that there is something that directs everything thus. ---Martin Luther (350 yrs. before Darwin).

Fossilized boot and leg
                   These boots were found in Iraan, Tx. recently. The bones are completely fossilized, yet
                        the leather is hardly decomposed. The stitching is even visible.
                        Question: How old are the above? a.) Millions of years b.) 150 years
                                   Can things fossilize quickly? a.) No, I don't believe my eyes b.) Yes
Full details on the boots & a cave man hardhat


The Big Debate (A Comedy)

  • 1. I love science. The further it advances, the more it disproves "Darwinian" evolution. In fact, science has advanced to the point that  almost all secular scientists have completely abandoned "Darwinian" evolution in favor of "rapid mutation", "radial symmetry", "punctuated equilibrium", or variations of this far-out theory. It is the only explanation (in their minds) for the complete lack of fossil evidence (despite literally millions of  discovered fossils) of any specie changing into another. There is no such thing as macro-evolution. Micro-evolution, however, is very possible and is in fact explained in the Bible. "...all their "kinds" and all their variations." In other words, species adapt, sometimes quite quickly. However, a finch is still a finch (irony intended) after adapting. A lizard is still a lizard and a monkey is still a monkey ! Charles Darwin himself summed it up best in his "book." "Noting the abundance of fossils, numerous transitionals must be found to prove my theory." Enough said !
     Science, real science—the work that ferrets out empirical facts about the nature that surrounds us—has been co-opted by an ancient philosophical/religious doctrine the origins of which can be traced back to at least 400-700 years before Christ. Known today variously as scientism, evolutionism, metaphysical naturalism, and Darwinism, this doctrine has been so effectively interlaced with science that it is often difficult for the scientist, much less the layperson, to separate the two.

  •  2. The research dealing with mans "evolution" from the apes (or to be specious, ape-like ancestors) begins with the assumption that man did in fact evolve from the apes. No observations or interpretations are allowed to question this apriori assumption. What has been sought in paleo-anthropology then are the transitional stages from ape-like animals to man. Transitional forms have proven as elusive here, however, as between any other plants or animals. In short, the missing link remains missing.

  •   3. Past mistakes:

    a. Piltdown Man

    b. Nebraska Man

    c. Ramapithicus

    d. Australopithecus

    e. Australopithecus Afarensis..."Lucy"

    f. Homo Habilis

    g. Homo erectus

    h. Neanderthal man

    Apes, Apemen and Men - a paper by Lee A. Spencer, Ph.D.

  •                 In conclusion, it seems there is no end to the speculation over the bestial ancestry of man and it would appear that all scientific caution has been thrown to the wind. However, with today's scientific advantages and advances we will see evolution falling farther by the wayside scientifically and advanced as fact philosophically to our children. There is more than ample evidence for mans sudden and abrupt appearance-creation if you will-and absolutely none for a long gradient process or evolution. It takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does creation. One is easily proven and apparent while the other is frauds and tricks.

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  • 4. Reverse geology -- The geologic table shows that rocks are in a sequential layer from pre-cambrian upward to the earth's crust. However, no place on earth has this sequential pattern from "oldest" to "youngest". In fact, there is a rock in Alberta that no evolutionist will discuss without resorting to outright lying. This pre-cambrian rock is 350 miles long by 15 miles wide by 7 miles deep. How did it get to the top if it's one of the oldest. Any scientist will tell you it's impossible to move something of this mass through the earth. Also, there are no "up-thrust" marks anywhere on this rock. In conclusion, there is no geologic table-just a tool for "duping" innocents. Want to see even more great examples ?

  •  5.  Paraconformity  -- This describes rock layers that are missing. "Gaps" in the geologic table where one layer of rock is on top of the other with one missing in between - sometimes 100's of millions of years without any of the gullying or weathering generally used as an excuse for this behavior. At several places in the Baltic region, clays of Pleistocene age rest directly on clays of cambrian age fossils - a gap of over 400 million years. Yet, in the same region, layers can hardly be located, so similar are the two clays.

    Gaps in the Geologic Record - a paper by Ariel A. Roth, Ph.D.

  •  6. Oil and coal -- When the carbon-14 test was young they used to date all sorts of things. The main 2 were oil and coal. Tests of these 2 substances using the carbon-14 method reveal them to be just several thousand (10-14) years old, instead of the millions they were thought to be by evolutionists. After these early dates were found, scientists stopped using it to date these substances as it threw everything out of kilter. The production rate of C-14 in the atmosphere exceeds the decay rate by about 30% When this non equilibrium data is used instead of the unwarranted evolutionary assumption of equilibrium, computed dates of all the organic materials fall within 10,000 years. If the atmosphere really were old, by now, these two rates would be in equilibrium. Thus, the disparity in the two rates confirms a young atmosphere. Oil, coal, natural gas, and other items evolutionists suppose are very old have been dated by C-14. But, this should not be possible because this dating method is no good past about 50,000 years. So, the ability to date coal, oil, etc., shows these materials are recent.

  •  7. Stasis -- This field of observation studies the fact that most animals have remained the same, despite millions of years of time to evolve. Many fossils from older rocks, when compared to their modern counterparts, are often identical in form. Not one type of change into another has ever been recorded, yet evolution is regarded in most circles as fact.

  •  8. Transitionals -- If life has always been in a state of continual transmutation from one species to another, as evolutionists insist, then we would expect to find many fossil intermediates between all the species. However evolutionists must explain the following gaps: non-living matter to protozoan, protozoan to metazoan, metazoan to invertebrates, invertebrates to fish, fish to amphibians, amphibians to reptiles, reptiles to birds, reptiles to fur-bearing quadrupeds, quadrupeds to apes and apes to man.

  •  9.  Petrified trees -- This represents an enormous enigma to evolutionists. They speak of a different kind of burial than is going on today. They also point to a catastrophic event, rather than slow burial. Their bark remains intact, indicating a very different method of  deposition than we now currently know. This speaks of an event of enormous power.

  •  10. Polystratic plants --  These are fossilized plants or trees that extend through several layers of rock, oftentimes through as many as 20 feet of rock, representing  many, many years of deposition according to evolutionists. However, there is 1 even more amazing specimen. It is a club moss extending 120 feet through several different rock layers, representing 300-400 million years in the evolution model. Evolutionists have often passed this of as a reburial event but this can hardly be the case if the rock comes right up against the trunk of the tree. There is another example of this at Spirit Lake in Washington state. Check it out. Evolutionists will point to the coal and peat deposits in Nova Scotia. These examples are no more than 5 feet tall and are in a moderately young layer of rock. Ask them to explain the club moss in Texas over 120 feet tall!

  •  11. Ephemeral markings -- These are marks such as ripple-marks, rain imprints,worm trails and animal tracks. In fact one of the most amazing specimens was found by Dr. Carl Baugh at Glen Rose, Tx. A whole worm fossilized half in and half out of the rock. When you put water on it, it even turns pink. This hard evidence flies in the face of what evolutionists would have you believe about deposition and soft skin!! It should be totally impossible to find such a fossil, let alone the thousands of animal tracks, rain drop patterns,etc.

  •  12. Soil layers -- This is another huge area of concern for evolutionists - the lack of extensive soil layers in the fossil record. With all these layers exposed for millions of years, you would expect to find numerous soil layers. Even in extreme desert environments these should build up. Yet in the fossil record there is very scant evidence of any build-up. Selected areas of soil layers is exactly what you would expect for the geology of a world-wide flood.

  •  13. The first Law of Thermodynamics -- It states: There can be no creation or annihilation of mass/energy.  One form of energy can be converted into another, one state of matter can be converted into another,and there can even be matter/energy conversions. However the total amount of matter and energy remains constant. What does this mean? The universe could not just spring into existence by accident.

  • 14. The Second Law of Thermodynamics -- This is my all-time favorite. To refute this law, you either have to be a liar or ignorant of science totally. This law tells us that anything which is organized , tends with time, to become disorganized. Any physical system left to itself will decay, or , lose energy and organization within the system. Instead of being highly organized like our earth's system, everything tends to become gradually disorganized. Chemical processes will reach equilibrium then become inert. In other words, this law says the increase of information required for a life form to evolve could not happen as this increase in information by itself violates the law. Evolutionists would have you believe in a constant increase in order strictly by chance millions of times. Not possible!! In fact, evolutionists have cited ice cubes and bridges as an example of this law being violated. Absurd! Both of these things reach a peak of "order", but from then on are degrading. Besides, these things are "created", so of course they would tend to start off "ordered". Neither of these things, or anything else, can assemble itself from raw materials.
       ASIDE: Evolutionists commonly object that the Second Law applies to closed, or isolated systems, and that the Earth is certainly not a closed system (it gets lots of raw energy from the Sun, for example). However, all systems, whether open or closed, tend to deteriorate. For example, living organisms are open systems but they all decay and die. Also, the universe in total is a closed system. To say that the chaos of the big bang has transformed itself into the human brain with its 120 trillion connections is a clear violation of the Second Law.
        For a very detailed explanation that answers the critics,
        Another great explanation 

  •  15. Biogenetic law -- This law has 2 provable concepts to it: (a) Life can only come from life. (b) Like kinds always give rise to like kinds. In all the years of observing nature, scientists have never seen this law broken or violated.

  •  16. Angular momentum -- The sun should have 700 times more angular momentum than all the planets combined. Instead the planets have 50 times more angular momentum than the sun. What this means is that this planetary system was not made in an evolutionary pattern by particles gravitating together.
    Want a detailed explanation?

  •  17. Poynting-Robertson Effect -- The sun acts as a giant vacuum sweeping up about 100,000 tons of inflow per day. The sun's radiation pressure serves to push small interplanetary dust particles outward into space. If the solar system is really billions of years old, the solar system should have been swept clean by now - yet there are billions of particles in our solar system.

  •  18. Magnetic Field -- Over the past 150 years, careful measurement by scientists have shown that the earth's magnetic field decreases by half every 1400 years. Extrapolating backwards, it is shown that the earth only 10-12,000 years ago would have been a magnetic star, totally incapable of supporting any life - even the most simple.

  • 19. Super Novas -- When stars run out of gas they explode. During the course of the life of the galaxy there should be a number of super nova remnants visible from earth. Accordingly, for galaxies this size, there should be 7,250 super nova remnants visible using the evolution model. In reality, there are only 205 - very much in line with the creation model. For a much more detailed explanation, 

  •  20. The Human Eye -- Darwin said that the human eye made him shudder in terms of the evolutionary process - and rightly so. In his day almost nothing was known about the complexity and sophistication of this organ. In fact, we still don't know everything. It is able to do 100,000 separate functions each and every day, then while you sleep, do its own maintenance work. Truly one of the wonders of GOD. Considering the amount of complex structures that went into the eye, as well as the highly integrated synchronization, it is difficult to understand how the evolutionists can believe the eye came from a natural trial and error process. The eye is well known to be useless unless fully developed. It is ridiculous to think that any organism could live, let alone develop, during the thousands of years evolutionists say it would take to develop an eye. That's not all, however. The eye did not develop once. There are five different types of eyes (that we know of) - man's, squids,vertebrates,arthropods, and trilobite eyes. Enough said!

  •  21. Sea Slugs -- The sea slug is an truly impressive design that can be used to show evolution false. Sea slugs feed on the sea anemone. What makes this so impressive is that the anemones have poison harpoons that stick out and would paralyze anything that came in contact with it. The sea slug however, is able to put these darts inside its own stomach to store and use for its own defense. You would have to have all of these abilities from the start or the organism would die the 1st time it came in contact with the dart. A slow evolutionary process would have been deadly!

  • 22. Flight -- Insects are the only invertebrates with the ability to fly. Their flight is different from other fliers in that it involves a sculling motion similar to rowing a boat, where other fliers use straight flapping (one exception is the hummingbird). What makes flight so interesting for creationists is that flight did not "evolve" just one time as evolutionists would have you believe. There are 4 different fliers in the fossil record. The odds of parallel evolution is a statistically impossible number. The different groups are: reptiles, as represented by pterodactyls, modern birds, mammals, as represented by the bat and flying insects. There are too many different characteristics for all of these to come from a common ancestor.
      Speaking of insects - you have got to see.

  • 23. Laetoli Footprints -- These footprints were found in the same strata as the "Lucy" bones. Johanson and other evolutionists have claimed these were made by lucy-like animals, yet when studied by foot doctors, both secular and non-secular, they found them to be completely human and modern.

  •  24. Fossil Horse Series -- This is still taught to our children today as proof of evolution. However there are a number of problems with this series. (a) A complete series of horses has never been found in any rock anywhere in the world. (b) The sequence of small toes to big toed horses does not exist anywhere in the fossil record. (c) All of the teeth found are either grazing or browsing types. There are no transitional teeth. (d) Two modern horses have been found at the same level as that of the very earliest types. None of this proves evolution! Just the opposite! For a much more detailed explanation,

  •  25. Vestigial Organs -- These are organs that were formerly thought by evolutionists to be remnants of our past evolution and not needed any more. In fact, at one time, it was believed we had over 200 vestigial organs. In actuality, all the organs have been found to have important bodily functions. This is true for the appendix also. Doctors have quit removing it willy-nilly-, as it has been proven to be a great aid in digestion. None of this proves evolution!

  • 26.  Peppered Moths -- This lame argument has long been used to prove evolution. It does describe a form of evolution, just not the way evolutionists would have you think. This study simply shows micro-evolution, or change within a kind, not a new kind coming into existence.. It boils down to: when the trees are white, there are more white moths - conversely, when the trees are dark, such as from pollution, more of the dark moths survive to pass this trait along. The moths are still moths. They don't become a whole new creature. UPDATE!! The Peppered Moths were a lie all along!!

  •  27. Archaeopteryx -- This was originally thought of as a transitional form between reptiles and birds. It is now considered by most evolutionists as a true bird. Furthermore, true birds have been found much lower in the fossil record, making them older even than Archaeopteryx. This is another evolutionary fraud. Statements made elsewhere that scales are somehow associated with Archaeopteryx is a complete falsehood. Every fossil found shows evidence of feathers, not scales. The only time evolutionists have seen scales is in artist's renditions. This is an ongoing "ploy" to dupe the uninformed. Artist's renditions have been used in this way since the first false transitional.


  •  28. DNA -- Evolution is dead with the advance of DNA technology. Information is always made by some intelligent personal being. First, the person must purpose, that is, originate in his mind, the concept of the final product, goal, or outcome. Then, the person must, by reason, determine the materials, tools, and specific sequence of steps needed to achieve the goal. So, clearly, information always comes from intelligent process, from an intelligent mind. In the case of the genetic information system it is very clear that this must be a mind of supreme intelligence and a person of awesome power.
    Science News, Vol. 164 #24, December 10,1994, "Does nonsense DNA speak it's own dialect?" reported extremely significant results of genetic research. It cited the December 5, 1994 issue of Physical Review Letters containing research by molecular biologists at Harvard Medical School and physicists at Boston University strongly indicating that so-called "junk" DNA, is not "junk" after all. Their study of 37 DNA sequences containing 50,000 base pairs from a variety of organisms showed that the "junk" DNA, amounting to 90% of the human genome, is actually written in a special language. Their tests showed "language like properties" in the "junk" DNA indicating it to be distinctly different from the "code" of the genes.
    Plainly, this development effectively removes the "junk" which evolutionists have supposed is left over from eons of evolutionary trial and error, and enormously strengthens the argument that God just plain made the genetic code to begin with. It has been wondered just where in the genome are the instructions that tell the genes when to "express" and when not to -- so you get fingernails on your fingers and not on your elbows, for example. It would seem the "junk" DNA, now discovered to have its own programmed language, will turn out to be the place.  

  • 29. Atmospheric Gases - Atmospheric gases: Our atmosphere has less than 40,000 years worth of helium, based on just the production of helium from the decay of uranium and thorium. (The decay of radioactive materials is the only natural source of Helium). There is no known way for large amounts of helium to escape our atmosphere. Our atmosphere must therefore be young.


  •  30. World Population Growth Rate -- In recent times is about 2% per year. Practicable application of growth rate throughout human history would be about half that number. Wars, disease, famine, etc. have wiped out approximately one third of the population on average every 82 years. Starting with eight people, and applying these growth rates since the Flood of Noah's day (about 4500 years ago) would give a total human population at just under six billion people. However, application on an evolutionary time scale runs into major difficulties. Starting with one "couple" just 41,000 years ago would give us a total population of 2 x 10 to the89th. The universe does not have space to hold so many bodies.

  •  31. Oil Field Fluid Pressure -- Current oil field are under too much pressure to be very old. Current scientific estimates say that the longest maximum time a rock layer could keep oil under pressure is 100,000 years. Even using this time table, the oil we now have is only 10,000 years old - not the millions evolutionists claim.

  •  32. Origin of Civilization -- No verifiable record of human civilization goes back more than 6,000 years. Civilization like everything else appears suddenly in the historical record.

  •  33. Living Fossils -- Darwin realized that living fossils are not what evolutionists expect to find in nature. Indeed, to supporters of the evolution paradigm, the idea of living fossils, so ancient and unchanged, is definitely a problem. As Niles Eldredge remarked, "In the context of Darwin’s own founding conceptions, and certainly from the perspective of the modern synthesis, living fossils are something of an enigma, if not an embarrassment" (Living Fossils p. 272). And Peter Ward terms living fossils "evolutionary curiosities, more embarrassments to the theory of evolution than anything else" (Living Fossils and Extinction p. 13).

  •  34. Spiral Galaxies -- The rotation of these galaxies, over the course of billions of years would lose their spiral shape. Since they obviously retain this shape, they must only be thousands of years old.

  • 35.  Biblical description of dinosaurs -- The Bible describes several dinosaurs in such detail that there can be no doubt they were around in antedeluvian times and for a short time afterwards. If dinosaurs co-existed with man, then evolution is dead in the water. For a thorough explanation of these creatures and there existence in historical times  .(off site)


  • 36.  Self-assembled life -- arising in a primordial soup or on a mineral sub-strate would be expected to leave behind some inorganic kerogen tars marked by certain carbon-13 to carbon-12 ratio. No such kerogen is found anywhere in the geologic column.

  • 37.  Homochirality -- The simplest chemical step for the origin of life, the gathering of amino acids that are all left-handed and nucleotide sugars that are all right-handed, cannot be achieved under inorganic conditions. For a detailed explanation of why this is a problem for evolutionists, 


  • 38.   Nucleotides -- The various nucleotides essential for building RNA and DNA molecules require radically different environmental conditions for their assembly. Cytosine and uracil need near boiling water temperatures, while adenine and guanine need freezing water temperatures. Thus, it seems highly unlikely that under natural conditions all four building blocks would come together under adequate concentrations at the same site.



  • 39.  Human fossils -- Human fossilized remains have been found lower in the geographic table than dinosaurs. Not once, but 28 times so far. For a more detailed explanation, . (Off site).


  • 40.  Anthropic Principle -- Researchers for the first time are measuring the far reaches of the cosmos. They have uncovered a growing list of "designed-for-life" indicators. They found a number of physical characteristics that had to be very narrowly defined for any kind of life to possibly exist. These discoveries are what spawned the anthropic principle, the observation that all physical features of the universe, including the characteristics of the solar system, are "just right" to suit the needs of life, specifically human life.

  • 41.  Comparative Anatomy -- This theory states that like features inside two different creatures moans that they are distant cousins on the evolutionary tree. The problem with this is that many features that the scientists use to prove like ancestry usually come from different areas on the DNA strand. They are not then ancestors.


  • 42.  Influx Of Elements Into The Ocean -- Scientists know with a fair degree of accuracy how much of  each of the elements are being put into the ocean every year by rivers. They also know how many of each of these elements are in the ocean currently. By simple division they can find out how long it took to get to the present levels, even accounting for sedimentation and dissipation. None of these elements give an age of earth even coming close to billions of years required by evolution.


  • 43.  Dirac And Dicke's Coincidences -- In 1961, noted American physicist Robert Dicke noticed that life in the universe is possible only because of the special relationship among certain cosmological parameters (relationships researched by British physicist Paul dirac 24 years earlier). Dirac noted that the number of baryons (protons plus neutrons) in the universe is the square of the gravitational constant as well as the square of the age of the universe (both expressed as dimensionless numbers). Dicke discerned that a slight change in either of these relationships and life could not exist. Stars of the right type for sustaining life supportable planets only can occur during a certain range of ages for the universe. Similarly, stars of the right type only can form  for a narrow range of values of the gravitational constant.


  • 44.  Uniformity Of The Universe -- Our universe has a high degree of uniformity. Such uniformity is considered to arise from a brief period of inflationary pressure expansion near the time of the origin of the universe. If the inflation (or some other mechanism) had not smoothed the universe to the degree we see, the universe would have developed into a plethora of black holes separated by virtually empty space. On the other hand, if the universe were smoothed beyond this degree, stars, star clusters, and galaxies may never have formed at all. Either way, the resultant universe would be incapable of supporting life.


  • 45.  Stability Of Protons -- This affects the quantity of matter in the universe and also the radiation level as it pertains to higher life forms. Each proton contains 3 quarks. Through the agency of other particles (called bosons) quarks decay into antiquarks, pions, and positive electrons. Currently in our universe this decay process occurs on the average of only once per proton per 10 to 32nd power years. If that rate were greater, the biological consequences for large animals would be catastrophic, for the proton decays would deliver lethal doses of radiation. If the proton were more stable, less matter would have emerged from events occurring in the first split second of the universe's existence. There would be insufficient matter in the universe for life to be possible.


  • 46.  Velocity Of Light -- This can be expressed in a variety of ways as a function of any one of  the fundamental forces of physics or as a function of one of the  fine structure constants. Hence, in the case of this constant, too, the slightest change , up or down, would negate any possibility for life in the universe.


  • 47.  Insufficient Exponential bits -- The universe contains no more than 10 to the 80th power baryons and has been in existence for no more than 10 to the 18th power seconds. The bottom line is that the universe is at least 10 billion orders of magnitude too small or too young  for life to have assembled itself by a natural process. These kinds of calculations have been done by researchers , both non-theists and theists, in a variety of disciplines. For more info  . (off site)

  • 48.  Sequential Ages -- You remember them from school, right? Stone Age, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Iron, etc. Evolutionists would have you believe man developed in this sequential order. No way! A quick look at middle-east history and archaeology show that the Israelites possessed iron when neighbors all around had brass. You remember the National Geographic specials...The natives in Africa in the 50's and 60's were still using wood and stone tools. Are they true man, or some throwback, or "missing link" ? How about the American Indians of the 1800's?  They used wood and stone tools. Were they true man ? There are still tribes in South America that use wood and stone tools exclusively. Are they living missing links ? This mentality is what caused thousands of Australian Aborigines to be killed and their heads cut off and shipped to museums in America. Scientists thought they were the living "missing link". Their skulls were displayed to the public using this argument of stone age technology. How sad.


  • 49.  Trilobite Eye -- Some trilobites had eye lenses made of calcite (thousands found). Because they are made of "rock", paleontologists have been able to study the lenses and have found several interesting things. Unlike human eyes, which are composed of a single lens, the trilobite eye is composed of a double lens design with up to 15,000 separate lens surfaces in each eye. Billions and billions of years could not "evolve" something this complex. It had to be created, with complete knowledge of Abbe's sine law and Fermat's principle.


  • 50.  Mica In Granite -- Anywhere on earth where granite is found, no matter what depth (remember the geologic column is a lie-granite is found at varying levels), it contains mica. Mica is composed of 3 different isotopes - polonium-210, polonium-218 and polonium-214, without any p-238 halos. The shortest lived of these isotopes has a half-life of .00162 seconds. The longest half-life is 3 minutes. This means that the granite was fully formed and "recording" in a maximum of 21 minutes and a minimum of less than 1/2 second. Granite did not take 300 million years to form as evolutionists would have you believe. Science disproves this ridiculous notion. I don't profess to understand this completely, so for a detailed explanation,(off site) For a simple to understand explanation on pleochroic halos,(off site)

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